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Marketplace Integration

VetLabs Integration builds on the foundation of the vetdata.net Marketplace to enable seamless integration between veterinary practices and diagnostics laboratories.

No more double entry

Gone are the days of filling out paper and online forms. Simply add the test to your patient's invoice, confirm the requisition details, and print the requisition form to accompany your sample.

Requisition tracking

Once a requisition is started, you'll be able to track its status directly from the Marketplace. See when samples are received and results become available.

Results delivered

Once the results are available, they'll be automatically delivered to your practice. No need to scan or download results to get them into the patient's file.

Lightweight and secure

Through the vetdata.net Marketplace, VetLabs Integration securely provides the right information at the right time with no additional resource demand as other services are added.

No Double Entry
Requisition Tracking
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